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The main objective of creating Animals Health Lab is that you get health related information about animals. We launched this website in 2021. This website has all information about animals. Founder Rishabh Pathania has a vision of creating a platform regarding animals health. So we created this website/blog in which you can find information or case studies of different persons about their pets. If you are also an animal lover then you will like all the information given in this website.

There is a special information related to our website called or terms and condition and privacy policy. You have to agree for that for using this website. This information is for your as well as our security. By this we can make a Animals Health lab a secure platform for users.

In our website you can also share your experiences with your pets, for that you have to mail us on [email protected]

Our website has different type of categories to differentiate different types of animals. If you have any query if you want to remove any content contact us on by clicking on contact us. You can also mail us on [email protected]