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Animals That Start With W



Animals Name With W

Animals That Start With W: From the wallaby to the wrasse fish, learn about 44 different creatures that begin with the letter W in the list below. The white tiger, a rare species that hasn’t been spotted in the wild in over 50 years, is the most popular animal that begins with the letter W. The water vole is the least popular W animal. Water voles are the most common vole species in the UK. The following are some interesting facts regarding letter W naming animals:

  • Weasels are the world’s tiniest carnivorous mammals, while wildebeest may travel over 1,000 miles each year.
  • Walruses may reach weights of up to 3,700 pounds, making them the second biggest ocean animal that also comes onshore (the largest is the elephant seal)
Wallaby Facts: Brush wallabies, rock wallabies, nail-tailed wallabies, hare wallabies, and woodland wallabies are also classified according to their environment ...
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The walleye is a ray-finned fish that is native to freshwater bodies in many states throughout the Midwest and in ...
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The Walrus is a huge aquatic mammal that lives in the Arctic Circle's bitterly cold and frozen waters. Walruses are ...
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Wandering albatross mate every two years between and February, beginning when they're between 11 and 15 years old December. Wandering ...
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The warthog, a massive member of the swine tribe, is best known for its four-pointed tusks and padded bumps on ...
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Most wasp (s) develop their particular nests from chewed up wood or mud! Wasps are some of the world's most ...
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The water buffalo, also known as the Asian buffalo, Asiatic water buffalo, or arni, is the second-largest bovid species, closely ...
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Water dragon are agamid lizards found in southern China, Southeast Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Australia), and Australia. The ...
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The Water Vole is a small semi-aquatic rodent that lives along riverbanks throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. Water Vole ...
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The weasel is a small carnivorous animal that can be found on every continent except Australia and its nearby islands, ...
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